Visitor enjoy your look around. Please close the door quietly on your way out. Just a bloke with a camera

A collection of photographs of friends, girlfriends and of people who just asked me really nicely, plus a few other things

If you are here for pornography though then you are going to be disappointed as i never took an erotic photograph in my life

However if you are under 18 i have to ask you to avert your gaze as
society deems you incapable of dealing with the naked female form

20 years ago i lived in a squat in London
10 years ago i lived on a narrowboat in Bristol
Now i live in a toilet. It's called Cardiff

A vegan recluse, i share my little home with a Newfie called Dougal

Ideally i'd spend my spare time watching independent cinema, listening to experimental music and reading poetry

In reality i spend it contemplating my navel and staring at the ceiling